Allflex Custom Logo Setup

Adding a logo to your tags is a great way to distinguish your deer from other herds. Once your logo is set up with Allflex, just make a note with your order that your logo is already on file.  This is a one-time fee and is only charged again if you want to have a new/different logo on file or need to make changes to an existing logo on file.

For first time orders with a new logo, you will need to attach a file to your order (via the tag layout you choose).  For returning customers, please choose "Use a logo already on file with Allflex" - if you can give a short description of your Logo that is helpful for our team to ensure we select the correct logo (especially if you have multiple logo files).

When uploading a file, please make sure that your file has one of the following extensions: .jpg, .gif, .png, or .pdf.  A clear black and white file of your image is preferred as logos will not be lasered in color. After your file has been uploaded, you can add it to your cart. 

Logos are laser engraved, meaning it is permanent markings burned into the tag.  Laser engraving offers a black/grayish imprint and is much more visible on a lighter colored tag. If you are ordering a black tag, the numbers will be a gray or off-white color. The laser engraving will ensure the tag is readable for the lifetime of the animal.

Logo Dimensions:

Our tags can feature the logo on the neck of the tag or on the panel of the tag. For example on a Maxi tag, for the logo placement on the neck, the logo area of a tag is usually ½ inch tall by 1 inch wide; and for the full panel (body) of a tag, 1 3/8 inch tall by 2 inches wide. Logo areas will vary accordingly on the other tag sizes. Maxi tags are featured in the visuals below.

Important Note:  After your logo is set up (in 5 business days), we will email you a proof. Once you approve it, allow 14+ business days for your tags to be ready to ship.  **All hand-drawn or photo images are subject to an additional set up of 10 business days due to the conversion to a JPEG file for laser printing.  Once your logo is on file and approved, the logo setup process will not have to be repeated.