Allflex Tissue Sampling Technology (TSU)

nextGen™ by Allflex focuses on what producers need:  Easy, high-quality tissue sample collection that saves you time and provides a high rate of success in the lab.

Tissue sampling has several advantages:

  • Unlike some sampling methods, nextGen samples can be taken in animals as young as one day old.
  • No need to count hair follicles or guess if enough biological matter (often mucous, semen or blood) is present to produce a good lab result.  With nextGen, you will see the actual tissue sample and know if there is enough genomic material before sending to the lab.
  • Easy to use.  Professional expertise is no longer needed for drawing blood or procuring other samples.

Collecting tissue samples has never been more efficient and cost-effective. Scientific advancements in the mapping of livestock genomes along with continued development of affordable analytics have changed the sampling industry – making it easier and quicker for producers to use DNA for:

  • Parentage verification
  • Genetic selection
  • BVD diagnostics

Allflex has worked with the country’s leading biotechnology companies, livestock genetic testing labs and leading livestock producers to develop a unique device for collecting tissue samples. The result is the nextGen™ Tissue Sampling Unit (TSU) by Allflex.

nextGen™ by Allflex maintains Allflex’s commitment to innovation, quality, and performance. The nextGen™ TSU provides:

  • Fast, high-performance sample collection … Samples can be collected in seconds with minimal animal restraint. A single-squeeze motion collects a sample with minimum distress to the animal.
  • Clean, uncontaminated sampling … The genetic material is sealed in a specially designed preservative.
  • Visual, DNA-sample identification … Instant confirmation of on-farm sampling success. No more guessing whether enough genetic material has been gathered.
  • Minimized retesting … Tissue samples contain a large quantity of high-quality DNA for genetic analysis yielding excellent lab results. 
  • The desiccant (preservative) is used to "dry" and preserve the tissue sample for a long very time.  This is one of the best ways to preserve DNA for long periods of time other than freezing.  Can be shipped, air-freighted without being labeled as hazardous.

TSU Application Guide- Allflex Video