What is a USDA Premises ID (PIN)

USDA tags (Official USDA 840 Tags) can be used to satisfy official USDA ID requirements of states and programs that require this method of identification. 

Using USDA tags requires you to obtain a Premises ID Number (PIN). The PIN is used to link the unique numbers to your ranch in the USDA database and is kept on file at Allflex. The PIN is not printed on the tags for cattle. Your state animal health agency or state veterinarian can also help you obtain a Premises ID Number. 

  • Premises ID Numbers are a combination of letters and numbers, usually starting with 00 and then 5 more digits. “ABC Ranch”, “840123123123123”, and addresses are not valid.
  • USDA tags must ship to the same state that the Premises is registered to.
  • If you cannot find or do not have a premises ID, contact USDA or your state’s Animal Health Commission. Please click on this link for a listing of State Animal Health contact information for each state: https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/ourfocus/animalhealth/traceability/state-pin
  • For deer in Texas, a Location ID (LID), 8 digits, will suffice for a PIN.  For all other states please contact the agency that oversees Deer programs to confirm your State Premises ID. (Texas Parks and Wildlife approved Tags)
  • If you are a Veterinarian ordering for a customer/client you must use your non-producer participant number (NPN) to purchase tags or the tags must be sent directly to the end-user (customer/client).   Each non-producer participant obtains an NPN through the premises registration system in the State or Territory of the company’s headquarters to receive and distribute AIN devices.  *See link above for State list.