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TPWD - Large Layout 2 (Tamperproof)

Available in the folllowing colors:

TPWD - Large Layout 2 (Tamperproof)



Ships from the Allflex Dallas-Ft Worth Warehouse within 10 business days.

Product Description

Texas Parks & Wildlife tag TPWD-GTLF2/GSM1-COLOR

Size 3" high x 2 1⁄4" wide. Tamperproof tag.

Patented Allflex Tamperproof™ ear tags offer the foremost security in livestock identification and management. Tamperproof™ tags are ideal for Official Registration and Certification Programs, as well as Official ID markets. Allflex Tamperproof™ Female tags feature either the exclusive Ultra Cap™ or the Rotaclip™ design.

Unique code is printed on top of visual tag and on button back. Management code is printed on the bottom of the visual tag. Indicate "Blank" if you do not want a unique code and/or management code printed. If you have a list of unique codes/management codes please type "SHEET" and email us your spreadsheet.

Technical Details

Visual Tag Type
Visual Tag Size

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